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Maestranza de Sevilla

Life, Melvin, is a fish at Teatro Maestranza de Sevilla

Life, Melvin, is a fish will premiere on the 9th June 2021 as part of Vertebración XI, a festival curated by Asociación PAD for the Maestranza Theatre in Seville, Spain:


Choreographer Noemí Luz collaborates with sound designer and composer José Tomé, dramaturg Iris Dekker and lighting designer Manuel Lostes to create a quirky dance theatre production that asks whether it's our memories in themselves that define us or if it's the way we go about preserving them shows us who we really are. Life, Melvin, is a fish is a homage to those we have loved and lost, to eccentric grandparents, and an attempt at preserving our most significant childhood memories.

More info here

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Noemí's New Art Shop now Online

Noemí has opened a brand new Art Shop, Click here to browse her paintings and prints!

As well as a professional flamenco dancer, Noemí is also a visual artist with a unique style, capturing the essence of pets, animals & flowers and is inspired by the order and chaos in nature, bringing this out in geometric designs and patterns.

As well as selling original paintings and a variety of prints she also takes on commissions for pet portraits.

Get in touch for more information:

Or view the artwork here!

Buzón de Baile
Radio 3

La Tercera Mirada - Premiere in Roses, Girona

La Tercera Mirada (The Onlooker’s View) is an installation created by Cordobés photographer Emma Alcalá that aims to help society become aware of and sensitive to domestic violence by looking at it through the eyes of a child; in this case, the child of a married couple whose story we enter into. The installation includes a video-creation made in collaboration with Noemí Luz (choreography & dance) and Jorge Vega Jiménez (illustration & animation), dramatizing the emotional journey that the mother lives through.

"During the interviews I observed that in a lot of cases the detonator that made them realize that what was happening was intolerable was their children, and it occurred to me this could be an interesting channel to help connect the spectator with the story of psychological abuse that I want to talk about.”

La Tercera Mirada is currently open to the public in Sala de exposiciones Ca l'Anita in Roses, Girona. Read more...

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Flamenco Festival Dusseldorf

Noemí will be guest speaker in Archipel-Flamenco, a Zoom discussion at Dusseldorf Flamenco Festival together with Myriam Allard (Compagnie La Otra Orilla/Canada) and Yota Baron (Yota Baron Productions/Netherlands), lead by Susanne Zellinger on 31/10/2021. The festival is directed and curated by Juan Carlos Lérida and this is one of three free Zoom events that invite local and international artists to the round table.


Watch the discussions live:

"They scrutinise flamenco by posing three questions. To expand the flamenco language – in the artistic, scenic, and pedagogical realms –, the talks center around the transfer of ideas and experiences."

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Sadler's Wells Dancing Nation

"Starting from the outside looking in, popping, voguing, flamenco and ballet dancers welcome you into Sadler’s Wells’ theatre building."


Catch Noemí Luz and Magdalena Mannion, co-directors of Dotdotdot Dance in "Window Shopping" curated by Breakin’ Convention for Dancing Nation, an online festival created by Sadler's Wells for BBC Arts. It is a three-part celebration of world-class dance featuring new works and audience favourites from big-name artists and breakthrough talent. The festival is available on BBC iPlayer and via the Sadler's Wells website from 28th January 2021 for one month:

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