Photo by Mauro Nardella

Where do our treasured memories go when we are not remembering them? Life, Melvin, is a Fish (work in progress) is a solo work that explores the delicate nature of forgetting. It is a collaboration with sound designer José Tomé and dramaturg Iris Victoria Dekker.

Re Red (work in progress) is a new duet choreographed by Dotdotdot Dance's artistic directors Noemí Luz and Magdalena Mannion in collaboration with José Tomé. It is a re-reading and re-interpretation of fairy tales and an investigation into the role they play in the collective experience of women in our society.

Photo by Emma Alcalá

Into Being forms part of Dotdotdot Dance's new triple bill In Body. Choreographed by Noemí, this piece draws from the varied and nuanced rhythms found in the Tarantos flamenco style to create a new aesthetic both visually and aurally. It is a collaboration with sound designer José Tomé.

What are the physical, emotional and spiritual effects our consumerist society is having on us as individuals? What happens when we are confronted with truths or when we try to hide from them? The Ugly Truth is a collaboration with sound designer José Tomé.


Noemí Luz is a flamenco dance artist whose work spans traditional, contemporary and experimental flamenco. As well as running and choreographing her own projects, Noemí is also co-artistic director of Dotdotdot Dance company alongside Magdalena Mannion. She also works in collaboration with sound designer José Tomé.