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Buzón de Baile
Buzón de Baile
Buzón de Baile


Choreography & Dance: Noemí Luz

Music: Thom Yorke: "Her Revolution"

Photography: José Tomé

Producers: Mosquera de la Vega & Rigo Pex

Radio 3

Buzón de Baile is a gestural dictionary where dance and semantics cross, taking us deeper into the meanings behind different words. It is a digital dance project produced by Mosquera de la Vega & Rigo Pex for Spanish National TV RTVE and Radio 3 Extra. They are curating a gestural dictionary that invites choreographers of different dance styles all over Spain to create dance "capsules" inspired by different words. 


Noemí Luz choreographed her capsule using the word"Júbilo" (Joyful) 

The full capsule is available to view free on the RTVE/ Radio 3 Ext website:

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