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Duration: 17 mins

Genre: Contemporary & Experimental Flamenco, Sound Design

Format: Trio

Supported with Public Funding by Arts Council England

Choreography: Noemí Luz

Sound Design: José Tomé / Musical Director: Liam Howarth

Dancers: Noemí Luz, Magdalena Mannion & Yinka Esi Graves

Voice: Emilio Florido / José Tremendo Hijo

Choreographic Advisors: Vera Köppern & Chloé Brûlé

Outside Eye: Leonor Leal

Photography: Emma Alcalá

Into Being is a contemporary flamenco trio that was originally comissioned and produced by the Lilian Baylis Studio as part of Dotdotdot Dance's Wild Card Evening in 2016. It premiered at the Sadler's Wells Takeover of the National Theatre River Stage in July 2018 and toured Dancenet Sweden as part of Dotdotdot's triple bill In Body in 2019. The piece was originally commissioned and produced by Sadler's Wells as part of a Wild Card Evening curated by Dotdotdot Dance and has been created thanks to a residency at the Conservatorio de Danza Profesional Antonio Ruiz Soler.​ 

In investigating the Tarantos flamenco style, Noemí was struck by the electric power of this flamenco song, and its ritualistic nature. In this piece the movement grows out of the song as a seed from the earth, as a simple vibration, as a living ancestral memory both delicate and energetic. Into Being draws from Tarantos'’ varied and nuanced rhythms to create a new aesthetic both visually and aurally using a capela flamenco voice, sound design and footwork to create a stark sound palette for the dancers to inhabit. It is a re-investigation into the roots that Tarantos has in mining culture, re-connecting with the raw and earthy qualities that emerge through this style.

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