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Duration: 50 mins approx

Languages: English or Spanish

Genre: Dance Theatre & Performance

Concept/Choreography/Script: Noemí Luz

Composition/Live Sound Design: José Tomé

Dramaturgy: Iris Victoria Dekker

Dramaturgical Support: Alberto Cortés

Outside Eyes: Iris Victoria Dekker, José Tomé, Vera Köppern, Adam Newby,

Magdalena Mannion, Ricardo Serrano & Nina Menconi.

In a laboratory where escaped memories are stored and organized in glass jars, a maintenance woman works ceaselessly. Her shadow, the antagonistic all knowing spider, lurks in timeless space.

When she was a child, Noemí’s grandfather took her down the lane in a wheelbarrow to hunt the “Grellies” under the “Grelly Bridge”, under which they proceeded to lunch on cheese sandwiches in their wellington boots. Inspired by the creativity of her grandfather, the sensations still vivid in this treasured memory and the desire to keep it alive, she began to write a hunting manual, which lead her to the creation of Life, Melvin, is a fish.


Where do our most treasured memories go when we are not remembering them? Do they still exist? This dance theatre piece is a crash course in memory hunting presented by Noemí Luz, who takes on the complex challenge of preserving memories and asks; Do we need to hold on to our memories to know who we are? 


Life, Melvin, is a fish has been developed in residency at the Conservatorio de Danza Antonio Ruiz Soler (Seville) and Centro Cívico Cerro del Aguila.