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The Ugly Truth


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"It seemed to me, above all, to embody

the female condition in modern society." 

Maggie Watson, Dancin' Oxford


Concept, Choreography & Dance: Noemí Luz

Original Composition & Sound Design: José Tomé

Choreographic Advisor: Niurca Márquez

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While guiltily recycling yet another plastic bottle one day Noemí was moved to address the frustration at feeling impotent to effect change as an individual and the dilemma of identifying and defining responsibility. The Ugly Truth reflects on the part we play as individuals at this critical moment in history and the inner conflicts we are confronted with. In a process of self evaluation Noemí looks within in this quirky flamenco dance theatre piece, seeking a fresh start, resolved to recycle what is no longer needed.

Synopsis: Our consumerist culture is not only causing irreparable damage to the environment but it is also trapping us in addictive, self destructive cycles. Is denial a necessary tool for surviving in a society that constantly presents us with ugly truths? Embracing humour as an essential step towards accepting her own shortcomings Noemí Luz asks: At what point do we lose our innocence and what are the physical and mental repercussions of a guilty conscience?

The Ugly Truth is a collaboration with sound designer José Tomé and draws from flamenco dynamics, impulses and rhythms to create a new expressive language in the realm of dance theatre."


This piece was created thanks to several artistic residencies: Atlantic Center for the Arts (Florida) Centro Cívico Cerro del Aguila (Seville) and Conservatorio de Danza Antonio Ruiz Soler (Seville).

The Ugly Truth has been presented at Coetani Festival of Experimental Flamenco (Athens), in a/her/my/our/their/no flamenco curated by Rosanna Terracciano (London), at PAUL Studios Collective (Berlin) as part of The Wall Series Vol.1, as part of Dotdotdot Dance's mixed bill Mixtape and has been featured in the contemporary dance series Corto y bailo (Seville).

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