What are the physical, emotional and spiritual effects our consumerist society is having on us as individuals? Might our endless dumping of rubbish be a reflection of our attitudes towards ourselves? How do our bodies deal with truth?

The Ugly Truth is a solo piece conceived by Noemí Luz and José Tomé in an attempt to answer these questions. In doing so they have drawn from physicality and rhythms found in flamenco dance, placing them in a new context and aesthetic. The piece was created thanks to several artistic residencies: Atlantic Center for the Arts (Florida) Centro Cívico Cerro del Aguila (Seville) and Conservatorio de Danza Antonio Ruiz Soler (Seville).

The Ugly Truth has been presented at Coetani Festival of Experimental Flamenco (Athens), in a/her/my/our/their/no flamenco curated by Rosanna Terracciano (London), at PAUL studios collective (Berlin) as part of The Wall Series, as part of Dotdotdot Dance's mixed bill Mixtape and has been featured in the contemporary dance series Corto y bailo (Seville).

Concept, Choreography & Dance: Noemí Luz

Original Composition & Sound Design: José Tomé

Choreographic Advisor: Niurca Márquez

Duration: 20 mins / Short version 15 mins