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La Tercera Mirada
La Tercera Mirada


An Installation by Emma Alcalá

Photography, Visual Art & Installation: Emma Alcalá

Illustration & Animation: Jorge Vega Jiménez

Choreography & Dance: Noemí Luz

Child: Mateo Alcalá Vega

Voice: Rosa Cruzado Begines

Photography Assistants: Pedro Blasco & Antonio Párraga

Sponsored by: Ayuntamiento de Roses; Cultura y Bienestar Social

La Tercera Mirada (Translated: The Onlooker’s View) is an installation by Emma Alcalá that aims to help society become aware of and sensitive to domestic violence by looking at it through the eyes of a child; in this case, the child of a married couple whose story we enter into. The installation is made up of two different components: A video-creation that is projected, and the elements that are alluded to during the projection.


The work is based on true events. The research and development of the project has drawn from documentation from Alcalá’s photographic project “Cicatrices del Alma” for which she carried out confidential interviews with various women who had suffered “sexist terrorism”. 


“During the interviews I observed that in a lot of cases the detonator that made them realize that what was happening was intolerable was their children, and it occurred to me this could be an interesting channel to help connect the spectator with the story of psychological abuse that I wanted to talk about.”


The video-creation is animated in part, based on children’s drawings which are illustrated by Jorge Vega Jiménez. The conceptual dance dramatizes the emotional journey that the mother lives through and is created and performed by the dancer Noemí Luz.


The most vulnerable victims of domestic violence are the children. It’s not possible to grow in a state of fear and this is why childhood needs to be protected. It’s necessary for us to change the way we look. Violence is not unavoidable.

La Tercera Mirada is currently open to the public in Sala de exposiciones Ca l'Anita in Roses, Girona.

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Follow Emma's work on instagram: elcuartodeemma_fotografia

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