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Genre: Experimental Flamenco, Sound Design

Format: Solo

Concept, Choreography & Dance : Noemí Luz

Original Composition & Sound Design : José Tomé

Outside Eyes : Natalia Jimenez, José Tomé & Magdalena Mannion

Supported with funding by the Agencia Andaluza de Instituciones Culturales


If social media has become our nexus with the rest of the world, how do we define our territory? Does it have to do with how many “friends” and “followers” we have? In a nation of digital personalities it’s easy to develop an addiction to productivity and success, getting trapped in repetitive cycles that are difficult to break out of, determined to leave our mark. If we keep digging we might just find that precious stone that will make us unquestionably recognized, valued and unique. 

So where does this path lead us on a search for happiness that’s dictated by our number of “likes”? Where’s our limit? Is it possible to rediscover a territory within that’s true to who we really are?


RAW is a solo piece that draws out the force and tension of flamenco, moving towards catharsis; retaining, releasing and transforming.  The piece anchors in the Seguiriyas rhythm and unveils deep and expansive sound landscapes created by José Tomé, giving form to internal and external spaces where different parts of a being can be found. 


RAW has been created thanks to a residency with Centro Cívico Cerro del Aguila, Seville.