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My Story

My name is Noemí and as well as an artist I'm also a professional flamenco dancer based between Spain & the UK. I rediscovered painting in my 30's while I was suffering from an injury and was forced to take time off dancing. I started to paint my dog Jazz, one painting turned into two, and before I knew it I had a collection! I had loved painting when I was younger but had put this aside to focus on my dance career, believing that I couldn't do both things. Now I know this isn't true. In fact I've discovered that painting enriches my dancing & visa versa.

When I paint I feel a deep sense of connection & everything in life gains new perspective. It has definitely become a haven for me and every new pet portrait I paint fills me with love & respect. It makes me happy to honour these noble creatures & try to capture the essence of their unique personalities. I love observing nature, its vibrance, rhythms and colours & hope to bring positive energy to people's homes in my paintings & prints. I believe in taking care of the plants & creatures around us & I paint to celebrate their beauty in our every day lives.


Who is Jazz?

Jazmin (or Jazz for short) has been my faithful companion since 2012. She's a miniature pinscher mixed with something else but no-one knows what breed exactly. I adopted her from a rescue shelter in Seville, Spain. She had been found as a tiny puppy on a motorway in the middle of winter and it's thought she had escaped from a farm. She soon settled in and proved to be a fiercely loyal friend who has seen me through many different chapters in my life. Though she can be rather mischievous, she's also very affectionate, sweet, silly and cuddly.


We moved to a countryside town in Spain during the pandemic and since then Jazz has entered what seems like a doggy retirement phase. She spends her days lounging by the fire under a blanket or lazing in the warm sun in the garden. It's a dog's life! She has been one of my main inspirations and I have painted her portrait many times. You can find some of them in the shop.

About Jazz
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